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Unit Work Sample - Outline

Secondary Block
Unit Work Sample - Outline

Candidates are required to create, implement, and submit a Unit Work Sample (UWS) during the spring semester of their senior block as part of their coursework and certification process. The minimum requirements of the UWS are outlined in the UWS template.

Candidates may augment the minimum requirements, such as adding a resource page, guiding questions, etc. as long as the essential elements in the UWS template remain intact.


·      A unit should be a coherent set of lessons connected by some content or instructional thread. For the UWS, create a unit that covers about one to two weeks of instruction (discuss with your university supervisor). (ex. Civil Rights, Great Depression, WWII, etc.)

·      The instructional goals (unit) and objectives (lessons) may be stated in a format of your choosing or as required by your school/district (sentences or questions, for example); these goals and objectives must be correlated with appropriate state standards.

·      The UWS should focus on one set of students (one period); the contextual factors (UWS Section II) submitted should focus on that selected sample of students.

·      The assessments designed for the UWS should support your instruction as well as assist you in gathering data conducive to analyzing and displaying your instructional impact on student achievement. These assessments should show a variety of formats (selected-response and constructed-response) and should be structured throughout the unit to gather both formative and summative data.

·      Assessments must be accompanied by all support materials you create to guide students (syllabus, assignment descriptions, etc.) and support the evaluation of the assessment (rubrics, scoring guides, etc.)

To be included with unit submission:


Lesson Plans (10-12) using proper format (FU Lesson Plan)/

Unit Information

Alignment to SC, Content standards (Section I)

Sections I-VI (Especially focus on bold part of Reflections)

Rubrics/ Assessments included/ attached

Key Dates:

Final Information Due - April 24 (preferably earlier)

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