Friday, December 2, 2011

EDU 350 Assignments

Early Experience/Senior Block Reflections

During Early Experience and the Senior Block (TBD), submit reflections on your field experience; these should be submitted to your secondary methods and content methods professors. [A schedule will be provided.]

• Self-assessment/Video-taped Lessons

Candidates must video-tape 2 lessons during senior block—one early in the block and one late in the block. Candidates should then write a self-assessment that compares the two lessons.

Text Reading/Reaction Logs

Read the assigned text(s) and maintain a reading log throughout your readings.  I highly recommend that you include in the log any notes on how the text reading offers practical information you can apply in the classroom; also, I recommend that you maintain a double-entry format—with your reading notes on the left of each page and a blank space to the right so you can jot relevant reactions and experiences during your field experience over the senior block placement.

Unit Work Sample (UWS)

Using the UWS template and guidelines (see blog or Education Department web site), conduct and then submit a Unit Work Sample. Time will be allocated during the methods courses (spring) to plan the UWS. The UWS must be implemented during your spring placement. Appendix 2 provides a rubric for the UWS.

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