Thursday, January 5, 2012

Furman Education Department Lesson Plan

Furman Education Department Lesson Plan

Rationale: why you teaching this lesson

  • What is the purpose of your lesson? (what do you hope students get out of it?) 
  • How does this lesson connect with other lessons in your unit?
  • Why should this matter to students?
  • Etc.

Standards: SC Curriculum Standards

Standards: Content (from SPA- NCSS, NCTE, ACEI, ACTFL, etc.)

·      List all resources needed to teach this lesson including books, websites, flipcharts, etc. (attach to back of lesson plan if desired)
·      Discuss how you used the resources you listed above to best meet your students' needs as learners.
·      Which ones are original (created by you) and which ones are from outside sources? 
·      Please explain how you made the resources obtained from outside sources "your own" by your careful selection, structure, and use of these resources. 
·      Discuss how you modified these resources to meet your students' needs and interests as learners and the demands of your state standards. 
·      Justify your use of the resources listed.

Lesson Procedures:

an introduction/ hook
This is what you will do to introduce the lesson in the first few minutes of the class (video clip, advanced organizer, story, etc.)

lesson details-

 This is where you will describe step by step the details of what will occur during this lesson. Please specify how you will meet the needs of ALL students during instruction.

enrichment/ extension
-Beyond class time, what can students do to further their understanding of the lesson material?

Assessment plan:

Informal Assessment
Observation, Discussion, Questions, etc.
Formal Assessment
attach scoring guides, tests, worksheets, etc. used during this lesson (if no formal assessment is required, please note)

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